Your best friend on a vacation, a Shirt or T-shirt?

Tusok Best seller Blue Pineapple Shirt on vacation in Mauritius

If you've never worn shirts to the beach or on other trips, give them a shot on your next vacation, maybe a beach party or to a resort, or even for a concert. When coupled with the correct trousers or shorts layered with jackets and accessorized smartly, your look rocks in style always. The classic cool solid color shirts always look good.
Shirts are more useful, they don't fade as quickly and don't go in-dimensional over time. With appropriate colors, patterns, and designs, they are suitable for any occasion.

Tusok Best seller Blue Pineapple Vacation Shirt worn by customer in Mauritius

What's the primary difference between a shirt and a t-shirt?

A shirt is a more utilitarian garment with collars, buttons, and cuffs that can be professional or casual.
A shirt can be worn casually for holiday vacations, parties, dates, weekends, and pretty much everywhere else.
A t-shirt is a simple garment made in the shape of the letter 'T'. It doesn't open and no fancy shaping, no buttons, no collars, no cuffs nothing else, just a T-shape you pull it on and off over your head. With time, a t-shirt can fade, lengthen, or even turn out to become in-dimensional.
The soft and airy cotton and rayon shirts don't feel like those t-shirts that you buy one day, wash the next day, then toss away after a few washes because they become all strange and the shape becomes screwed up, and depending on the quality, they may even shrink.

How to pick your perfect shirt?

For vacations, shirts will never go out of style. You've worn them this summer, and if you look after them, you'll be able to wear them again to lounge, for a work from home conference, to a resort or at any beach party.
You might have a general stigma like you can’t be much fashionable during vacation, because when you go on a vacation its kind of hard as we normally just wear a white t-shirt or a simple shirt which is still fashionable during the warm weather.

  • We can find a lot more variety in shirts than in t-shirts, with plenty color options and a nice collection of prints such as hawaiian, animal, flowers, tropical and so on.
  • When shopping for your vacation, seek for cool colors with lightweight, easy-to-breathe fabric shirts like cotton, rayon, and linens for summer vacations and dark colors with somewhat thicker fabric material shirts for winter vacations.
  • Neutral colors are always a safe bet and are ideal for most trips, holidays, dates, and even weekend looks.
  • Floral printed shirts are always good for beaches or holiday vacation wear. They are bold, really cool and it shows off all your personality.
  • Though many people choose short sleeve shirts for vacations, long sleeve shirts are also a wonderful choice because they can be dressed up or down and give you that great "going on a boat" vibe.

When you are gonna be in an airplane for a long time, make sure that you are comfortable the whole way. For a airport fashion look you can wear a good travel printed shirt with matching chino shorts and you can even layer it with a tank top underneath the shirt or a jacket layered over the shirt.

Keep in mind that vacation shirts are not meant to be too tight on your body; instead, you want them to be a little loose to give you that carefree, relaxed vibe.

And if you don’t want that regular couple t-shirts look for your pre-wedding shoot or any couple vacation, you can groove with same shirts for both him & her or a shirt for him and a twinning top for her of same color or print.

Check out our colorful and cool summer shirts with vacation inspired prints, made of rayon and cotton that are lightweight and incredibly breathable, making them ideal for hot weather vacations, leisure wear, and pre-wedding shoots.

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